My Videos

Here’s a link to Vickie and myself on Balcony TV from Tralee.

We played a gig in the square on August 16th as part of the Rose of Tralee ballyhoo. Our first time playing in that kind of environment, outdoors playing to a passing and not necessarily all that interested clientele. The thought of it made me very nervous but it worked out ok. We normally have the consolation that people have paid in and are more likely to enjoy it.
Anyway we played that afternoon on the balcony of the Abbey Inn.Thanks to Steve and Amy.The last Balcony TV thing we did (Sunshine In) was the 13th most popular last year. Thanks to you.
We saw the new video last night and started a diet this morning. Jesus!


Here is my first self made video. By that I mean filmed and edited by me. I got a camera last Christmas and became fascinated by the idea of making a music video for one of my songs – Blood is rushing through these veins. 6 months later I decided that it’s done. There are things about it I would change but I need to say stop and go back to my day job. Vickie helped to shoot me on the beach and my daughter Anna helped to shoot me behind her house. I got great advice from Donagh Long, Shaun O’Connor, my son Joady and the people at Barker Photographic in Cork.
I have just about enough new songs to make another album, so once again I find myself at the foot of a mountain with bits of rope and some metal gadgets and a pair of gloves and…..
Anyway, enjoy the video.

Here’s some links to a few more videos that have been made over recent months:

With Donagh Long
At Crowley’s Music Centre in Cork
Sun Shine In Official Video
Balcony TV
Live at Whelan’s in Dublin (Sun Shine In) (Listening Wind)


Here are 3 links to songs from my album. They are played live at the Button Factory. The gig was a Christy Moore gig and I was his guest.