Window On The World

Release Date: 15th May 2015
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Above you can listen to 4 tracks from Window On The World, Declan’s second solo album. Full track listing below.

“Warm and summery, ‘Window on the World’ sounds like an album you’ve had for years. It’s comforting and familiar but bolstered by toe-tapping melodies and thoughtful lyrics, which means there is something new to discover with each listen. His lyrical style is stark but painterly – by which I mean the sparseness of words is offset beautifully by the potency of the imagery evoked.”
Pure M Magazine

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Full track listing:

  1. Walk with You
  2. By the Sound of Your Name
  3. Sleep out on the Beach
  4. I Can Hear You
  5. All the Way Back
  6. Charlie’s Bar
  7. Lightbox
  8. We Won’t Wait Long for Summer
  9. Trust
  10. You’ve Got One Wrong Move Left
  11. Welcome to Your Ilife
  12. Time to Gather In